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Very postmodern. Too many levels to think about without getting a headache. What's real and what's not? I've often thought pro wrestling was more honest than, say, the NFL, because at least everyone knows it's a made-up presentation. After all, there's nothing "real" about pro football-- it also is well-regulated concocted entertainment; a made-up game.

I was once part of a writers group heavily influenced by WWE. We considered ourselves performance artists-- would crash readings and do street theater. (Some of us had done street poetry.) For us it was acting-- we never pushed it too far-- but people took it seriously. Oh well. I still believe a few WWE tactics could be utilized in the literary game (I plan to start an interview podcast in that vein), because whatever's being done now by writers-- the same-old bookstore readings attended by ten people-- isn't working.

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I love your podcast idea. And, you know, readings you to drive bookstore customers AWAY from bookstores (unless the author had a following) so they are problematic in an era where bookstore customers are scarce.

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